If you’ve attended or worked for the University of Pennsylvania, chances are you’ve made your way through our doors. The original UPenn  haunt, Smokey Joe's, has been in operation since 1933, and though the location has changed a few times in the last 80 years,“The Pennstitution” is still the same memorable neighborhood spot.

President Gerald Ford summed it up best in his 1975 commencement address, “[Penn consists] of 16 institutions of higher learning and personal enlightenment - 17 if you include Smokey Joe's.”


210 S. 40TH STREET


215 222 0770


Currently, due to covid-19, we will be open daily from 5pm to 12am. Our full menu is available until 10pm, with pizza available until 11pm. In accordance with city guidelines, we are operating at 25% capacity (approximately 50 people), we ask that you wear a mask, and order food.

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